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Is the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal in Trouble?

On the website of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal there is this important notice:

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) is experiencing a shortage of adjudicators (vice chairs and members) which is affecting the HRTO's ability to meet its service standards. As a result, already scheduled mediations and hearings may need to be re-scheduled to a later date. In addition, you may experience a longer than usual number of days before a mediation or hearing. The HRTO continues to be committed to providing fair, effective and timely dispute resolution.

Investigation reveals that eight of 18 full-time members of the Tribunal and eight of 22 part-time members have appointments that are due to expire soon...

What Was Said

Court of Appeal Finds Employee Was Not Discriminated Against

“… Ms. Wakeham is an experienced litigant.  She has advanced her claims in the courts through litigation regarding her motor vehicle accidents.  She has filed worker compensation claims; she has brought grievances under her collective agreement.  Then she brought this human rights complaint.  It may not have been the best means of vindicating her claims.  And if so, surely it could have been conducted more expeditiously and inexpensively than it was.  A casual acquaintance with the news...

Human Rights Digest 19-8, November/December 2018