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Systemic Discrimination and the National Inquiry*

Everyone who cares about the life-threatening discrimination that Indigenous women and girls face in Canada is deeply worried now about the National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. The Inquiry has suspended meetings, and some advocates have issued an open letter expressing concerns about the Inquiry's faltering beginning.

One of the concerns is that, so far, the Inquiry's efforts to reach out to family members, and survivors of violence, have been confused and ineffective. This is a threshold problem, since hearing from family members is vital to the Inquiry's work.

We also have to be concerned, however, about whether the National Inquiry will be a robust mechanism for examining the facts and holding governments to account for their failures to...

What Was Said

Naturopathic Doctor Sexually Harasses Employee

"… the evidence clearly demonstrates that once the applicant indicated to the personal respondent that she would no longer tolerate his sexual behaviours, the personal respondent deliberately set out to create a record of errors in the applicant's performance. This record was built on unsubstantiated errors or errors about which the applicant had never previously been advised, or given an opportunity to respond to …"

Human Rights Digest 18-3, April 2017