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Facing Into the Human Rights Crisis

The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls found that “the significant, persistent, and deliberate pattern of systemic racial and gendered human rights … violations … perpetuated historically and maintained today by the Canadian state … is the cause of the disappearances, murders, and violence …” The Commissioners call for an absolute paradigm shift, and the dismantling of colonialism within Canadian society and its institutions.

The National Inquiry also found that there is no accessible and reliable mechanism within the Canadian state for Indigenous women to seek recourse and remedies for the violations of their domestic and international human rights. “The Canadian legal system fails to hold the state and state actors accountable for their...

What Was Said

Dofasco Fails to Accommodate Long-Term Employee

“In my view, the failure to accommodate in this case arose out of a procedural failure. It is not clear whether the respondent in fact has a policy and procedure on disability accommodation, or a return to work/stay at work policy, though Mr. Di Renzo did testify that he had received training which involved a review of policies on human rights and the duty to accommodate at some point several years before the events giving rise to this application. The Tribunal requires such a policy to be...

Human Rights Digest 20-4, May/June 2019