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Of Course it Is a Muslim Ban: What Should Canada Do?

Of course Trump's ban is a Muslim ban; most of the people it harms are Muslim. It is also a ban based on nationality, which bars people from seven Muslim-majority nations and all Syrian refugees from entering the United States. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, said on January 30, that the ban discriminates based on nationality and is illegal under international human rights law.

Canada is being applauded by other countries, and by commentators like Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times,1 for welcoming refugees in a time of global xenophobia. It is fine to accept those accolades and to be proud of what we have done for Syrian refugees so far. But, as a country that turned away Jewish refugees in the 1930s even though they faced...

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Award of $55,342 for Family Status Discrimination

“[T]he statute [N.W.T. Human Rights Act] does not specifically authorize an adjudicator to sanction recklessness in and of itself. The focus of my assessment is whether the City willfully discriminated, such that punishment and denunciation are warranted …

The City's employees were dismissive of the doctors' notes and made no follow-up inquiries. They presumed to know better than A.B. even after she explained why the proposed schedules would not work. They...

Human Rights Digest 18-1, January 2017