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Shopping While Black

Andrella David is a Black Nova Scotian and a courageous, determined woman. In March 2009, she went to her local grocery store to buy some ice cream – a Sobeys store in Tantallon, Nova Scotia, a suburb of Halifax.

While she was waiting in line to pay, the store manager, Jennie Barnhill, walked up to her and accused her of being a shoplifter. Barnhill said the store had captured the past thefts on video surveillance cameras, and told Ms. David that if it happened again, Sobeys would press charges.

Immediately, Ms. David said that she had never shoplifted and demanded to see the videotapes. While the images were fuzzy, Ms. David could see that the woman on the tape was darker-skinned than her, and smaller, fuller-faced, with a different hairstyle. She told Ms. Barnhill that...

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$161,737 for Lost Wages Awarded to Person with a Developmental Disability

DISABILITY — EQUAL PAY / Decision on an application alleging discrimination in employment on the basis of disability. The applicant, who is a person with a developmental delay, alleged that while she performed substantially the same duties as general labourers who did not have developmental disabilities, she was paid significantly less. The Tribunal found that the pay differential was a...

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Complaint Was a Labour Issue Not Human Rights

"I am not satisfied, on the facts of this case, that an adjudicator appointed pursuant to the Code is a better fit for determination of the dispute. The issues raised in this case are matters that are routinely decided by labour arbitrators, involving determinations as to whether there was just cause to dismiss the complainant, whether the complainant breached the terms of the MOA, whether the complainant established a ...

Human Rights Digest 17-5,July 2016